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Akhal-Teke Horse
Alter Real Horse (Portugal)
American Bashkir Curly Horse (USA)
American Miniature Horse (USA)
American Paint Horse (USA)
American Quarter Horse
American Saddlebred Horse (USA)
American Standardbred Horse (USA)
American Thoroughbred Horse (USA)
Andalusian Horse (PRE)   (Spain)
Anglo-Argentine Polo Horse (Argentina)
Appaloosa Horse (USA)
AraAppaloosa Horse (USA)
Arab Horse (Mid East)
Arabic-Portuguese Horse (Portugal)
Argentine Criollo–-worlds-most-dependable-horse
Argentine Polo Pony (Argentina)
Australian Pony (AUS)
Australian Stock Horse
Azteca Horse
Ban-ei Japanses Race Horse
Bavarian Warmblood Horse
Belgium Warmblood Sport Horse
Berber Horse
Boerperd Horse
Brazilian Crioulo Horse
Brazilian Sport Horse
British Appaloosa Horse
Budyonny Horse
Calabrian Horse
Cape Horse (Boerperd)
Caspian Horse Horse

Cirit Horse
Cleveland Bay Horse
Connemara Pony
Dales Pony
Darashouri Horse
Dartmoor Pony
Don Horse
Dutch Warmblood Horse
English Thoroughbred
Finn Horse
Fredericksborg Horse
French Selle Horse
Friesian Horse
Gelderland Horse
Gypsy Vanner Horse
Hanoverian Horse
Hessen Horse
Highland Pony
Hungarian Dun
Irish Hunter Horse
Irish Cob Horse (Gypsy Vanner Horse)
Karabair Horse
Kathiawari Horse
Kladruber Horse
Latvian Horse
Lipizzaner Horse
Lundy Pony
Lusitano Horse
Lusitano-Arab Horse
Mallorcan Horse
Malopolski Horse
Mangalarga Paulista Horse
Maremmana Horse
Marwari Horse
Menorcan Horse
Morab Horse
Morgan Horse
New Forrest Pony
Oldenburg Horse
Orlav Trotter Horse
Paso Fino Horse
Persian Arab Horse
Peruvian Paso Horse (CPP)
Pleven Horse
Pony of the Americas (POA)
Pottoka Horse (Basque)
Purebred Chilean Horse (PCH)
Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE)
Rottaler Horse
Royal Canadian Mountain Police Horse
Salernitano Horse
Sanfratello Horse
Senner Horse
Shagya Arabian Horse
Shire Horse