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So glad you have chosen to enter our web site.  As a horse lover or working professional I think you will find our site very informative in a diverse number of topics. Whether it be general information, contacts, articles, videos or a list of interesting commercial products, we trust you will encounter a great deal on our site that can be of interest to you. 

About Us

International Equine Information (IEI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation with headquarters in the heart of horse country that acts as a clearing house in the international equine industry. It will act as a technological bridge between the USA and the rest of the world in all horse-related topics. There will be a special focus on introducing less and/or little-known breeds to countries around the world. 

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It’s our thought that much technological information is not well known around the world because of a lack of communication amongst regional researchers. We are certain that distributing and uniting the diverse information there will not only be an increment in overall knowledge, but also a synergistic effect as concepts are better understood by repeating the studies under different environmental variables. Moreover, we think that each horse culture around the world has its distinctions and it merits that others familiarize themselves with them, to see what might be applicable in their surroundings. 


Our goal is to have a truly international site where language differences are not a limitation for learning the practical concepts for working with horses as well the cutting-edge technology that can lead to innovative improvement in horse care and training.